Manual of the carbon boards

Damage of the surface.
The surface of the rolls rolls is very hard and impact tough. You can polish out scratches in the surface sealing. If the surface is broken, you should repair it (with polyester filler) or cover at least with tape - not because a surface break weakens the board, it is because of the carbon fiber fragments. Make sure you do not touch carbon fiber fragments. Carbon fiber fragments penetrate easily the skin, because they are very hard and peaked despite the small diameter.

High temperatures.
At temperatures over 60° Celsius / 140° Fahrenheit the structure of the board gets soft and loses their firmness. As soon as the board cools down the original mechanical properties return. Thus: do not dry in the microwave. Do not leave the board in the blazing sun.

UV radiation.
In particular aramid is not permanent resistant to UV radiation. We protect the aramid (also carbon) with a special sealing, which is similar to sun protective crème and works not complete. You should not store the board during long periods in the sun.

Trucks removing/mounting.
Each truck is fixed by four screws with the board. If you tighten those, make sure that you tighten them evenly and not to strong (not with a lever). This also because of the absorption rubber under the truck; it absorbs only if it is not completely compressed.

Bearing exchange.
If a bearing makes noises usually dirt is inside the bearing. Replacement is easier than cleaning since the few have the necessary tools and auxiliary materials. For maintanance the bearing should be cleaned perfectly and be lubricated under clean conditions.
Remove of bearing: set a bolt on the inner ring of the bearing and drive it out carefully. Shift the bolt to other places on the inner ring (danger of canting of the bearing).
Mounting of bearing: do only with a bearing pressing in tool! Otherwise the bearings cant and will not be aligned correctly to each other.

Bearings bring in. New bearings brought in after approximately 4 hours. Bearings are fully loadable starting from the first second.



As long as you do not drive faster than you can run, stop the board by jumping off and running out in driving direction. Longboard riders like the so-called Coleman turn; you should practice that however at lower speeds. You can brake also with the foot rear  - the low standing platform of the rolls rolls enables that: the heel remains on the board, let your point of the foot sharpen on the ground.

Brake (II)
We were asked frequently why the rolls rolls does not have any brake. We developed and tested one. As soon as the driver braked not sensitivly enough (usually in fright situations), board and driver separated. Imagine you as in the train, the train brakes and there is no hold for you. In case of stronger braking you will adjust with a step in driving direction. You can not do this on the board.

High speed
Due to the easy run of his wheels, the rolls rolls can get very fast. Each speed, which is higher than you can run out, is too fast. You should wear complete, good protective clothing, which is: helmet, knee-pads, elbow guards and wrist guards. The trucks should be adjusted fix for higher rates.

Caution: at higher rates the wheels can slip away in curve or on slippery ground. Our wheels are optimized for easy run - not for adhesion in curves. Test the adhesive limit of the wheels at lower rates.

Is riding rolls rolls dangerous?
Yes it is. Just like snowboarding, longboarding, skating etc.. Do not overrate your riding talents (e.g. under the influence of alcohol). You should be in good physical condition and should know your limits or explore them slowly.
It may look more attractive, if you ride without protective clothing - be aware of the risk! We advise against riding without protective clothing.

Is the rolls rolls suitable for children?
The rolls rolls is not a toy for kids. It requires foresighted, responsible riding - that is not the strong point of children. However children learn to ride the rolls rolls very fast - please make sure that they ride only at a closed training area with few other rolling humans.


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