The idea of rolls rolls - how it started.

At my first visit of California in 1999 I saw a lot of young folks riding longboards. Especially in San Francisco I would have liked to ride a board also tired of getting the hills up and down by feet. A longboard seemed to me as an ideal short distance commuter. Back to Berlin I bought my first skateboard. I was astonished how badly to ride it was; I felt like to learn balancing on a ball. The engineer was challenged: there should be another solution to make the ride easier. The principle of a low standing platform (below the turning point of the axles) in connection with big diameter wheels was born. I have learned to ride skateboards with that principle one reason why rolls rolls boards are easy to ride for beginners.




At that time I worked in aircraft industry. In airplanes many heavy loaded structures are reinforced by carbon fibres. For optimizing weight and stiffness I decided to build the boards from carbon fibres. It took 3 years till the first serial board was manufactured which fulfilled my standards. While that time there was a lot of testing, discarding, improving and optimizing also with regard to manufacturing.


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