Versions of the Woody.

The Woody is designed for riders with 75kg weight. For those it consists of 11 layer veneer. We offer two versions of the 11 layer, one is 10% less stiff (but better damping).

For riders with less or much more weight we have 7 (kids), 9 and 13 layer decks in stock. Please ask us.

We offer from time to time different types of wood on top of the deck. See one here. Please ask us if you would like to see a special wood on top of your longboard.

The Woody is manufactured solely in Saxony, Germany. The patent of the technology of this special wood-forming was also created in Saxony.



Wheel base

35 (890 mm)

Track width

8 (204 mm)

Width of the standing platform, center

8 1/4 (210 mm)

Width of the standing platform, front

10 (250 mm)

Total length

40 (1020 mm)

Height of standing platform to ground

3 (77 mm)

Max. height of wheel housing

6 (156 mm)


1/5 (5 mm)

Weight of the deck

5.5 lb (2.5 kg)

Weight of one truck

15 oz (424 g)

Weight of one wheel

11 oz (335 g)

Total weight

10.5 lb (4.8 kg)

All weights and measures for Randal trucks and 97mm wheels.
The rolls rolls is handmade and therefore subject to higher manufacturing tolerances than a machine made board. The specifications above, in particular the weight of the deck, is to be understood as approximate measures.

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